Conflict, Consequence of Misunderstanding

In human nature conflict is inevitable, but tends to be avoided which demonstrates general discomfort.

As part of my exploration of this subject, I think about the experience of different conflicts in my personal and professional life. In almost all the conflicts that I have experienced, I have noticed that the ‘initiators’ are usually incapable of transmitting their concerns appropriately. Often, emotions overcome rationality and the tone of voice, volume of voice, and facial expressions fail to transmit the rational message behind their acts. In such cases, ‘the responder’ will usually react by rejecting the initial message. This reaction could spark further discussions and possible conflicts.

I have experienced the role of ‘responder’ from this position and my reactions involved negative emotions and a defensive position, rather than the willingness to listen to critics. My last professional dispute was in September 2008 with one of my colleagues who criticised a professional task. I do not remember any content of the dispute, but I do perfectly remember the abrupt gestures of her arms, her yelling and her arrogant tone of voice. I am still not talking very much with this colleague, only when I am required to meet her.

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